Owner’s Note:
Thank you for considering Morris Organizing for the spaces or items that are burdening you. To share who we are, I thought it most important to share why we do what we do.

It’s strange to realize you love doing something that, to most people, is an absolute chore. It took several years of organizing events, offices, homes and photographs for me to confess with confidence: I was an organizer and I loved it. Why I loved it I didn’t know - until I started to think of a logo for my new company.

As I brainstormed various ideas I couldn’t get away from the theme of hospitality. If a space is not welcoming to you, it’s not going to be welcoming to others. I wanted to reveal another way of life – a life where home is a refuge and work is productive. After all, who can host brunch when you can’t find the dining room table? It was for this reason that I chose the pineapple, the symbol of hospitality, for my logo.
Our focus on hospitality enables us to embrace your burden with grace and excitement. We don’t see a mess – we see an opportunity; an opportunity to turn to one more person and say, “Welcome to organized living.”

Christina Morris
Owner, Morris Organizing, LLC


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